Fresh laughs with the online Fast Show

The laughs just keep on coming with the Fast Show 2011. The online series is the first time we’ve seen new sketches for the show since 2000, and creators Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson certainly haven’t lost their touch. They’ve shown us that many of the original characters have plenty more fun left in them and that they’re also in touch with today’s technology.

Take two of the show’s favourite awkward characters – shy and retiring Ted and his effete master Ralph, who spends most of his time trying to engage Ted in conversation and usually fails miserably. In episode 6 of the online series we see Ralph asking Ted if he tweets and whether he’s on Facebook. He talks his way around the subject for a while, before finally asking Ted a little nervously if he’ll be his friend. Ted looks alarmed and asks whether Ralph is talking about online or otherwise. Ralph looks delighted at the possibility, but Ted quashes any false hopes by saying he’d rather keep any friendship with his boss online only.

Other favourites have made a comeback including Swiss Toni, Insecure Woman and Billy Bleach. And with six episodes of the ten part series already online at Fosters’ UK site, we only have four more episodes to wait for. Each new episode is released on Thursday at 1pm, but of course, you can watch the other episodes again at any time.

Rumour has it that the new series owes its return to the huge numbers of fans of the original TV show searching online for Fast Show funny videos. Charlie Higson explained at the premiere for the Fast Show 2011 that it was the knowledge that people wanted more of the Fast Show that made him and co-creator and writer Paul Whitehouse agree to write the new series.

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